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Take the 30-Day Hydration Challenge

Sometimes, all we need is a little outside motivation to kickstart our health journey. That’s why we’re introducing the 30-Day Hydration challenge. You’ll start by making small but significant changes to the way you hydrate on a daily basis. We also want to challenge you to pay closer attention to the way your body feels and responds to those changes. By the end of the challenge, we hope that you’ll feel more in-tune with your body’s hydration processes and that you’ll gain a better sense of just how significant proper hydration is to your overall wellness.

ORAL I.V. isn’t just a quick fix, but rather a key component to a comprehensive journey towards improved hydration. Our product is designed to fundamentally improve the way your body utilizes the water you normally drink. That’s because we believe in long-term results geared towards an overall improvement in your body’s health.


The Challenge

You’ll start by incorporating two shots of ORAL IV, one at the start of your day and the other before going to bed, to the water you already drink. You should be paying special attention to the way you feel when you wake up in the morning, after physical activity, and at the end of your day. In the morning, do you feel more well-rested? Do you feel an improvement in endurance during your workouts? How quickly does your body recover afterwards? At the end of the day, do you feel less fatigued?

Too many people experience symptoms of dehydration—things like fatigue, muscle cramping, anxiety, and headaches—without ever linking them to inadequate water consumption. We believe many people can alleviate these symptoms by committing to better hydration.

The changes your body will undergo should be gradual and increasingly noticeable as you move through the challenge. And remember, this is only the beginning of a lifelong journey towards improved health, wellness, and of course, hydration.

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