Over the last two years ORAL I.V. has worked with some of the top runners, ultra runners and trail runners across the globe.  It is absolutely vital for runners to maintain efficient hydration throughout their events, so they can maintain performance and not break down.  

ORAL I.V. achieves this by facilitating the uptake of water while competing, which allows the athlete to consume less water while being able to get more out of it.  This extends the amount of time between water consumption and even reducing bathroom stops.

Running over long distances can disrupt the athlete’s bio-electrical balance at the cellular level. ORAL I.V. works very efficiently to help sustain that balance by virtue of our proprietary formulation of crystalloid electrolytes and thereby supports the avoidance of cramping and fatigue. 

Post race, ORAL I.V. is a valuable asset to facilitate the uptake and delivery of water to hydrate the cells of the body more rapidly and help them recover.  By improving your recovery and hydrating your body more efficiently you can bounce back faster and improve on your training.

ORAL I.V. is formulated from all natural ingredients and contains no stimulants, artificial flavorings, or sugars.  Additionally, ORAL I.V. is lightweight, portable and easy to consume while running.  Enjoy, Hydration Evolved! 

"Particularly on a hot day and/or one of the first hot days of a season, staying ahead of dehydration can make all the difference in your race!"

Paul Terranova, Ultra Runner


“Just wanted to pass on how awesome I think ORAL I.V. is. I ran several "experiments" with your product testing against water and coconut water in various scenarios. I'm from western South Dakota by the Black Hills, we had a couple of 98+ degree days last week which was perfect for some endurance tests. I went mountain biking both days and did the same ten mile loop. Day 1, I drank only water and bonked out halfway in the climb and could not fully recover. On the second day I used ORAL I.V. and water, huge difference. I felt fully energized throughout the climb and never had the dehydrated feeling I had the previous day. The big climb on the trail is roughly 600' vertical and temps on top were 102 degrees. Great product, can't wait to get more.” 

Jason Flynn, ORAL I.V. User



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