Obstacle Course Racing


The sport of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) has taken the world by storm. People have traded their regular running shoes for trail runners. Companies have even begun designing shoes specifically for the sport that can handle mud, water, grit, and grime as athletes from all walks of life tackle courses ranging from 3 to 13+ miles. With obstacles designed to be fast, fun, and demanding, the fastest growing participant sport in the world pushes people physically and mentally. OCR requires that racers reach down inside and take their performance to the next level. That’s where ORAL I.V. can help.

ORAL I.V.'s proprietary formula of crystalloid trace minerals and electrolytes is designed to specifically help improve your bodies use of hydration methods. It is not a sports drink with added sugar that will leave you feeling crashed out midway through your race. Oral IV, when used properly with current hydration methods, will provide the muddy masses flocking to OCR events across the globe  the crucial edge they need to get across the finish line.

ORAL I.V. is the perfect product for OCR athletes who push themselves to their limits. Having efficient hydration going into a race is crucial for peak performance. During the race athletes will deplete their water levels and need rapid hydration to meet the obstacles they encounter. ORAL I.V.’s unique formulation provides instant action to uptake water and use an athletes water efficiently for those times when an athlete is hitting the wall.

"As a lifelong athlete and general fitness junkie I am always looking for that edge and ORAL I.V. is just that.  I have been running OCR's for 3 years now and staying hydrated is a crucial part of a successful race.  ORAL IV helps you maintain optimum performance and reduces the chance of cramping even during those long grueling beast races.  I have been on board with ORAL I.V. since 2014 and can honestly say my results and efficiency during a race is much improved.  This product is a must have for anyone looking to get into a mudrun or any high intensity training you may get into.  Basically anytime you are going to sweat for a prolonged period of time you should take this product before you start your workout so you can stay focused and strong throughout your workout!”"

Joey Patrolia, OCR Athlete, Triathlete


“In the last year I have entered the OCR world full force... I had little to no education or training on hydration and fueling for these grueling races we compete in. I was introduced to ORAL IV in the last few months and it has taken my training and racing to the next level. I feel the benefits of ORAL IV throughout my entire race and love it!”

Orla Walsh, Reebok Spartan Pro Team



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