Mixed Martial Arts


Full contact combat sports are not for the faint of heart. MMA athletes represent a special breed of lean, mean fighting machines. Whether it’s a hardcore training session or fight night, proper hydration is critical to optimizing physical performance and maintaining cognitive mental capacity. ORAL I.V. is a must-have addition to the MMA fighter’s training regimen, aiding the hydration process when every second counts. Best of all, ORAL I.V. contains no sugars, stimulants or artificial ingredients of any kind.

ORAL I.V. has been providing product to some of the top MMA athletes in the world.  MMA athletes have to endure rigorous training that can deplete them of their hydration.  ORAL I.V. provides these athletes with more efficient water uptake and recovery.  These top athletes will take ORAL I.V. before their training sessions along with water or their traditional hydration strategy.  Having an efficient body prior to working out can make a huge difference in the performance.

Cutting weight is one of the most difficult aspects of fighting and the painful implications can be hard to manage.  ORAL I.V. is designed to aid in the efficiency of your water to help the athlete maintain hydration even when cutting weight.  Elite fighters like Michael Bisping, Anthony Birchak, Daniel Struass, Chris Holdsworth, Jamie Varner and many more are seeing the results and praising the performance of our product.

Properly hydrating after weight cut can be challenging. Whereas, balancing efficiency and consumption while preventing potential over-consumption is difficult. ORAL I.V. assists athletes with uptake of water as well as allows the athlete to drink water based on thirst rather than volume. It’s critical that athletes do not consume too much water and create an imbalance in their cells bioelectrical potential.

"ORAL I.V. has been a necessity in my camp and will continue to be, especially after weigh-ins, due to the latest ban on the use of IVs. ORAL I.V. is all-natural, which I love, and has worked wonders for my training.  Anytime I’m feeling drained from a workout and need some H20 and fast rehydration I grab my ORAL I.V. to put me back into a hydrated state and improve my performance."

Anthony Birchak, UFC Athlete


“I’m two days away from my big fight in the UFC and thanks to ORAL I.V. I will be able to stay focused and hydrated.  Check it out I highly recommend it.”

Michael Bisbing, UFC Athlete



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