Jim Matheis

Name: Jim Matheis

Sport: OCR

Podium Finishes: 7 podium finishes

Top Ten Finishes: 15 top 10 finishes

Best Strength: Best strength is swimming and obstacles.

Ht: 5’10”

Wt: 170lbs

Hometown: Home town Buffalo NY

Current Residence/Location: Miami Fl

Other Sponsors: Jaco

1) What is your background?

As for my background I have always been an athlete. I was a 3 sport captain in high school and received a D1 wrestling scholarship.

2) Why do you use Oral IV?

I was having some dehydration and cramping issues especially in longer races and heavy training days. A friend of mine said I should try Oral IV so I gave it a shot. Since I started taking oral iv about a year ago I have not had one muscle cramp.

3) How do you prepare and how do you use Oral IV to help?

My preparation for racing has really grown in the last year. I train some weights but do mostly body weight exercises. I also train Jiu-Jitsu twice a week. I run between 12-18mi a week and mix in my weight vest. I usually take 1 oral iv in morning, 1 before training, and 1 after training.

4) What is your favorite WOD?

My favorite workouts are in parks. I do a verity of pull-ups, core work and running.

5) Favorite and least favorite exercise?

My least favorite exercise is squats!!

6) Most memorable event/competition/race?

The most memorable event/race for me was a few weeks ago at the OCR world championships. The course was fantastic and loaded with obstacles!

7) Advice for newbies to Oral IV?

Anyone starting out on oral iv will see an immediate impact on there training and racing. On training days I like to take about 3 per day. During races I usually take 1 every 2 miles.