Frank Franco

Name: Frank Franco

Sport: Ocr/Spartan Races

Best strength: Hills

Height:  6’0

Weight: 170

Hometown: Los Angeles

Current residence/location: Downey

1) What is your background?

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Boyle heights. Grew up playing all sports.  Been an athlete all my life. Played high school football 2000-2001.Started trail running  3 years ago. Got introduced to Spartan Race in 2014. Became addicted! Joined @ocr_grinders team this year. My first year competing and so far I’ve placed in the top 20 men’s elite Spartan racers. Not stopping there.

2) Why do you use Oral IV?

Oral IV has helped me stay hydrated longer and reduced my cramping if any

3) How do you prepare and how do you use Oral IV to help?

I always take 1 Oral IV 1hr before my training/races and another in between if needed.

4) What is your favorite WOD?

My favorite WOD is MURPH.

5) Favorite and least favorite exercise?

Abs/core workouts are my favorite and I dread leg day but I never

6) Most memorable event/competition/race?

I’d have to say Temecula Spartan Sprint this year. I ran a good race. Placed 11th overall in men’s Elite and earned my spot(coin) to the Spartan Race Championship.

7) Advice for newbies to Oral IV?

Always stay humble and never forget where you came from. Oral IV is more than just a product. It is the future of hydration.