Erica Thompson

Name: Erica Thompson

Sport: OCR

Podium finishes: Battle Frog Atlanta 2nd place

Top Ten finishes:

Best strength:

Height: 5’3

Weight:  114

Hometown: Perry, Ohio

Current residence/location: NYC/ Boca Raton FL

Other Sponsors: Viva Athletic

1) What is your background?

I grew up playing softball.

2) Why do you use Oral IV?

I use Oral IV to maintain hydration in order to get the maximum outcome out of training and competing.

3) How do you prepare and how do you use Oral IV to help?

I train at least five times a week focusing on upper body, lower body, core workouts. My training also includes short and long runs depending on my race schedule for the weekend. I like to mix up my workouts by cross-training from everything to kickboxing, yoga, weight lifting, HIIT, and running. I use Oral IV before and after my workouts to help with fatigue, strength, and recovery. Staying Hydrated is a key part in training, prevents injury and cramping, build muscle tone, allows you to perform to the max. When I first started taking Oral IV I noticed I was not as fatigued as I was normally during a competition or while training.


4) What is your favorite WOD?

WOD Track workout

1 mi warm up

1 mi run, run straights, jog curves

1 mi @ 1/2 marathon pace

1200m run straights, jog curves

1200m @ 10k pace

800m @5k pace

400m run straights, jog curves

400m fast

400m easy

200m fast

200m easy

200m fast

200m easy cool down


5) Favorite and least favorite exercise?

Favorite- Push Up Planks

Least Favorite- Wall Balls


6) Most memorable event/competition/race?

My most memorable event was the Ohio Spartan Race Trifecta Day. I ran the elite beast early morning, a 15 mile course, it was cold, windy, and it hailed. The last few obstacles of the race were with water by the time I crossed the finish line my whole body was shivering. I found the group who I agreed to run the other two races with, I had doubt in my mind that I would not be able to go back out on the course.  As they huddled around me to help me get warm I knew I had to go back out there and accomplish what we had set out to do. That day we had completed 31.1 miles in the freezing cold. The achievement, team work, memories, and bonds made will never be forgotten. We owe a thank you to ORAL IV for keeping us hydrated on the grueling course.

7) Advice for newbies to Oral IV?

Drink water before and after taking a vial of Oral IV. You can even put a vial into a water bottle and take it that way. Oral IV is not only for competing but for training as well. You will not feel any different like an energy drink will make you feel, but you will notice slight changes. For example, no muscle cramping, less fatigue, and your time recovery will lessen.