Ashley Seeger

Name: Ashley Seeger
Sport: OCR
Podium Finishes: 5
Top Ten Finishes: 10
Best Strength: Is my total body strength and drive to not stop.
Height: 5’9′
Weight: 155
Hometown: Lancaster, CA
Current Residence: Lancaster, CA
Other Sponsors: Total Nutrition

1) What is your background?

I played basketball in high school. After high school I didn’t do much but party and after I decided to get sober I started working out, running and signing up for races and I also was a bikini competitor for 3 years. I now just run races and OCR, teach cycle, yoga and run a local out door bootcamp.

2) Why do you use Oral IV?

I use Oral IV to stay hydrated. I drink a lot of water and because of all the physical activity I put my body through, I need more than just water.

3) How do you prepare and how do you use Oral IV to help?

I teach up to 3 cycle classes a week, run 2-3x a week including a shorter run 4-6 miles and a longer 6+. I weight train 5-6 days a week and focus on all body parts. I also teach yoga 3x a week. I use BCAA’s during my training and put Oral IV with my aminos during workouts. Sometimes with longer workouts I will take an Oral IV alone.

4) What is your favorite WOD?

Becoming Badass Bootcamp Challenge workout
Run .10 mile | 10 burpees | 10 pushups | 10 squats
Repeat 10x for total 1 mile, 100 burpees, 100 pushups 100 squats

5) Favorite and least favorite exercise?

Favorite- Burpees
Least favorite: Pushups

6) Most memorable event/competition/race?

Hawaii Trifecta weekend 2014. I went in to that weekend ready to complete all 3 races over the weekend and had two friends with me that were racing in the Sprint. I completed the Super and Sprint day 1 and rolled my ankle and still had the Beast to complete the following day. For some weird reason I started crying before the race, I was tired, not sure if was going to need a water pack and nervous. I sucked it up and went out on the course as my friends went the other direction to the beach. I completed the course and right as I crossed the finish line it started pouring rain. It was such a beautiful thing and I was so proud of my accomplishment.

7) Advice for newbies to Oral IV?

Be consistent! Use Oral IV daily not just on competition days and you will see a difference in recovery time and reduce chances of fatigue and muscle cramping. Make sure you drink water a long with Oral IV!