Anthony Rendon

Name: Anthony Michael Rendon       
Podium finishes:
Top Ten finishes:
Best strength:
Body Weight Movements

Weight: 160
Miami, FL
Current residence/location:
Asheville, NC

Other Sponsors: Athletics8

1) What is your background? I grew up playing soccer and baseball through high school and played soccer for Western Carolina University.

2) Why do you use Oral IV? It lets me push farther than i have been able to in previous training.

3) How do you prepare and how do you use Oral IV to help? I prepare for a race by upping the mileage and increasing the hill training. Oral IV helps me push the limits by keeping me hydrated. it prevents cramps while climbing hills and helps me run past my comfort zone without carrying a bunch of water to weigh me down.

4) What is your favorite WOD? Helen.

5) Favorite and least favorite exercise? Favorite – anything that involves running or sprinting. least favorite – over head squats

6) Most memorable event/competition/race? My first spartan race was the Carolina Beast in 2013. prior to this race i had never ran in an organized running event. i finished 10th in my age group and my love for racing was born.

7) Advice for newbies to Oral IV? This is truly a game changer. if you’re looking to take you training to the next level this is the first step!