About Us: The Hydration Aid You're Missing | ORAL I.V. Hydration




Think of us as Water’s Wingman. An activator. A catalyst. A kicker. With its unique all-natural formula of crystalloid electrolytes and trace minerals created to improve the actual hydration process, Oral I.V. is the hydration aid you didn’t know you were missing.

While most hydration formulas target dehydration and the replacement of lost electrolytes, Oral I.V. is designed to increase the uptake and utilization of water by rapidly activating your body’s potential to hydrate on a cellular level. That means we prep your hydration processes before you even begin that race, workout or that long flight cross-country. And even as important, we keep your water working for you during and post-activity when you don’t have all day to recover.

100% Sourced From Nature. Ready For Action.

ORAL I.V. is not a sports drink or an energy drink. It is a unique all-natural, gmo-free, hydration product designed to work alongside existing hydration methods and improve their efficiency. Because we are all about aligning ourselves with nature, our minerals are sourced from natural raw materials to avoid contamination with other elements, and insure that our electrolytes form perfectly and naturally. ORAL I.V. only contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, iron, copper, selenium, zinc and a blend of other natural trace minerals in purified water.

Unlike many sports drinks and re-hydration products, Oral IV is does not contain any artificial ingredients, no sugar, no caffeine and no stimulants. In fact, all you need to do is drink Oral IV with water. With us, less really is more. 100% natural. 100% awesome.


  • Kick-starts your cellular hydration
  • Activates your hydration process
  • Rapidly absorbs without gut issues
  • Contributes to peak performance
  • Aids mental focus and endurance
  • Recharges and quickens recovery

Oral I.V. is a hydration aid that complements any hydration methods, and can be used for any application where physical exertion or the possibility of dehydration exists. This ranges from athletes, adventurers and fitness junkies, to those of you that work and play really hard and don’t have time for dehydration.

ORAL I.V. is produced to the highest standards of quality under rigorous manufacturing controls and is manufactured in a facility that follows current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) requirements according to ISO 9001 Standards.

ORAL I.V. has been certified by INFORMED-CHOICE/INFORMED-SPORT, a quality assurance program for sports nutrition products, suppliers to the sports nutrition industry and supplement manufacturing facilities.


ORAL I.V. is intended to assist an individual's existing hydration strategy. To experience the intended benefits, we recommend taking ORAL I.V. with water prior to, during and after activities of physical exertion that can contribute to dehydration, such as fitness, exercise or sports. Depending on your level of activity and personal fitness, it is recommended to take one shot of ORAL I.V. with water for every 2 to 4 hours of strenuous activity.

ORAL I.V. can be utilized as an effective rehydration product for after physical exertion, long nights and travel. Rehydration is key to avoiding fatigue, muscle pain and muscle rebuilding. Taking ORAL I.V. with water improves the body's chances of up-taking the water and efficiently hydrating your system. ORAL I.V. is not like traditional sports drinks or electrolyte replacements, we do not replace we aid in the absorption. We recommend taking 1 shot of ORAL I.V. with 12-16 ounces of water before bed and another vial when waking up with water. If you still have signs of fatigue and symptoms of dehydration after 2 hours take another vial of ORAL I.V. If these symptoms persist we recommend you call a doctor to get proper medical advice and attention.

“As an Ironman triathlete I am constantly working on gaining an advantage by dialing in my nutrition and hydration strategies during training and competition. [Once] I started using ORAL IV it increased my performance and reduced fatigue that normally sets in from hot weather training and racing. Thanks ORAL IV for delivering an awesome product!!”

Charles Hobbs, Triathlete