Our Hydration Journey

It’s never an easy road as a non-conformist. And certainly what makes it more arduous is when you’re also blazing a path that isn’t one of common or widely-accepted thinking. You might even get a complex that you’re an outsider, a kind of lone ranger, a renegade. Welcome to our journey. One that we’ve held steadfast on, and will continue to do so. It’s all been worth it as it seems that finally the industry is catching up with us.

When the curtains of 2017 rolled back, we began preparing to launch the next generation of ORAL I.V. A kick-ass new bottle, insanely cooler packaging, more powerful formula ...yes there’s more and it’s super exciting. We’ll get back to this very soon but first let’s reminisce about the journey to this point.

Back in 2010, ORAL I.V. was a brand known mostly to the military, law enforcement, first responders and survivalists. These guys really know their stuff. Their lives depend on their acuteness of mind and resilience of body. Hydration is paramount to their success. They don’t haul unnecessary items in their packs or rely upon any product they don’t trust implicitly. They get it. ORAL I.V. has been their go-to hydration aid. And we’ve heard story after story of how it has saved lives in the field. Truly epic, in our humble opinion.

“Regardless of how sophisticated the warrior’s equipment gets, at the end of the day, survival on the battlefield boils down to the most basic needs, and the most basic of these needs is hydration. Whether your fight is on the battlefield, the race track, in the gym, or at the dojo, ORAL I.V. is the simple choice.”  Craig “Sawman” Sawyer, Former US Navy Seal, Seal Team Six

Fast forward to 2014 when our awesome CEO, Bob Jones, took over the reigns of the company. Bob is an insatiable guy driven to succeed. He doesn’t seem to ever unplug (those of us fortunate enough to work with him know this fact intimately). He comes from a consumer branding background and, among other achievements, launched a very successful vodka brand (yes, that seems very ironic now that he’s in the business of hydration). But the point I’m making here is that he’s sharp when it comes to getting a product in the hands of the right people: Ironman Champions, UFC fighters, NASCAR drivers and NFL players, to name a few.  Further pushing into mainstream audiences, he got athletes, fitness junkies, jetsetters, busy moms and dads, soccer kids, and many others using ORAL I.V. daily to improve their hydration health. ORAL I.V. really is for everyone, young and old. That sounds like we’re breaking a basic marketing 101 rule, but in our case it’s true. There is not one person or lifestyle that is immune to the benefits of proper hydration. Oh yes, admittedly, man’s best friend has even benefited from it. Woof.

Recall that path we were blazing? Well, just like many products that lean on the progressive side of thinking, we have faced naysayers, haters, and simply those people that just don’t get it. So maybe they’re not our customers. And that’s okay (we can secretly still wish they’d come around). The health & wellness industry has really embraced ORAL I.V. with open arms. Our participation in Expo West 2017 was phenomenal. We couldn’t stop buzzing about it and how much attention ORAL I.V. got there. Sitting among some of the top natural, organic and healthy products from around the world really got us jazzed and ORAL I.V. gained major momentum.

You see, the science behind ORAL I.V.’s formula isn’t something that any Tom, Dick or Harry can wrap his head around easily: light therapy, magnetics, vortexing, structured “EZ” water, and 11 trace minerals that many people don’t even know they need. But they do! A lot of consumer beliefs really boil down to what they’re told or read--or sadly enough, what the marketers peddle their way. So, if you haven’t been exposed to such ground-breaking concepts as the Fourth Phase of Water, it’s quite easy to dismiss it as unbelievable. Thank goodness for us, smart and healthy gurus like Ben Greenfield have put this science on the radar of a broader health-conscious audience.

Over the years, we’ve worked hard at providing the best all-natural hydration shot possible and are continually researching how to make it even better. ORAL I.V. has always been ahead of the movement for cleaner, more simple products that are transparent and don’t ride on the common coattails of misinformation. We could have added sugar to make our product “yummy”, but we didn’t and don’t agree with that. There is also nothing wrong with having a “flavorless” hydration shot--it’s what the body naturally wants. And since we also don’t believe in adding anything artificially sweet or genetically engineered, we skipped the brain hurt and left our product in its natural state. Additionally, ORAL I.V. won’t interfere with your food or lifestyle philosophyit’s gluten-free, vegan-friendly, paleo-friendly, non-GMO, raw, 100% natural, and totally MADE & MANUFACTURED IN THE USA! Betcha can’t beat that!

This month ORAL IVwe launched the next generation of our product, nicknaming it ORAL I.V. 2.0. We retired and replaced the original ORAL I.V. vial. For some time now, our CEO Bob Jones has been determined to change the packaging because of the limitations the little vial had with respect to its size and lack of visual real estate to convey the core benefits of the product. All the while, Dr. Anthony Beck (the science brains behind ORAL I.V.’s original formula) has continued to harness technological advancements in his field to create this improved version. As technology has advanced in light therapy, magnetics and vortexing, so now has our formula. Our genius in a bottle just reached Mensa status.

Here’s what you’re going to get from ORAL I.V. 2.0 …

  • A ridiculously cool looking & bigger 2oz bottle with 4x the liquid content and a new screw cap!
  • It’s even easier to hold but still small enough to stash in pockets, fuel belts, handbags, sports bras and even fanny packs for you 80’s throwbacks.
  • A more powerful dose! The new formula has 4x more structured water (which means 4x bioelectrical potential) and 2x the formula’s potential. But let's not go jumping over buildings (although you may feel like you can).
  • More for less money! We increased the potential of the formula by 2x, therefore increasing your body’s hydration efficiency per use. But we didn’t double the price, we cut it down!

Of course ORAL I.V. is still 100% natural, no sugars, stimulant-free, and zero caloriesand  nothing artificial whatsoever. You should continue taking the recommended dose of 2 bottles per day for overall optimal hydration health.

What was once awesome, just got awesomer.