ORAL I.V. to Debut Its All Natural Better for You RTD Hydration Shot at NACS

Visit Booth 540 at NACS to Get Hydrated! ORAL I.V. will showcase the first all natural, sugar free, stimulant free RTD hydration shot in its new and improved 2 ounce version to attendees at NACS in Chicago, Oct. 18-20

ORAL I.V. Inc, the creator of the only all natural, sugar free, stimulant free and zero calorie hydration aids on the market is shaking up the status quo in natural RTD shot products. Located in Booth 540, ORAL I.V. introduces its grab-n-go 2 ounce daily hydration shot to the convenience store world.

“We recently did a test run in a local c-store chain and had great success” said Dale Pinneke, Director of Sales for ORAL I.V., Inc. “Consumers are looking for better-for-you products like ORAL I.V. in lieu of the traditional options.”

ORAL I.V. is one of the only all natural RTD hydration shots in the shot category, and the only one to focus on hydration activation. The company promotes its simplicity of ingredients and dedication to adding no sugars or other unnecessary ingredients for the function it serves, which is unlike any other shot product on the market. Many other RTD shot products, powders and beverages focus on replacing electrolytes, sugars and/or adding stimulants. However, ORAL I.V. works to help the body activate its hydration potential, effectively leveraging the power of its organic 11 trace minerals and structured water.

“We believe consumers are moving to products like ours,” said Bob Jones, CEO of ORAL I.V., Inc. “Healthier options are gaining demand and we believe that growth is going to continue.  Being in the convenience channel allows us to hit a broader audience on a daily basis. NACS is a perfect opportunity for us to get in front of key players in the market.”

Since introducing the 2-ounce version in July, ORAL I.V. has had success in chains like Rotten Robbie and Cash Magic, prompting a distribution deal with Imperial Trading in the Southeast. As growth continues, ORAL I.V. looks to build on the success and establish distribution throughout the U.S.

For years, ORAL I.V. has been used by military and elite athletes to battle dehydration and aid their performance. ORAL I.V.’s reach has broadened since and the company now has a very diverse customer base from the weekend warrior to the time-impoverished mom. Studies suggest an estimated 7 out of 10 Americans need to improve their hydration which means there is huge potential to solve such a prevalent issue ailing consumers. ORAL I.V.’s daily hydration shot can be utilized as an effective daily hydration product to help consumers avoid many symptoms of dehydration.