ORAL I.V. now available on Govx.com


ORAL I.V., Inc., creators of ORAL I.V. Rapid Hydration Activator, is proud to announce its partnership with GovX, Inc., the owner and operator of GovX.com, the largest online shopping destination for verified military and federal, state and local government personnel. Beginning this month, ORAL I.V., one of the only all-natural, sugar-free, stimulant-free and zero calorie hydration aids on the market, will be available to the membership base of GovX.com.

Founded in 2011, GovX.com was created with the mission of supporting and recognizing those who serve our country and communities by providing privileged pricing and services for a broad range of popular apparel, sunglasses, outdoor and active sports gear, tech gear, select lifestyle products and an array of on-duty tactical gear. ORAL I.V. Rapid Hydration Activator has been heavily supported and used by military individuals as well as the first responder community since the company’s inception. It has always provided exclusive discounts to this community via its own website ORALIV.com. By partnering and aligning with GovX.com, ORAL I.V. reinforces its continued support and gains exposure to a greater population of this market.

“At ORAL I.V., the brave men and women of the military, law enforcement and first responder communities are always in the forefront of our minds. We have served the hydration needs of these heroes since the company's inception and they continue to support us,” said Bob Jones, CEO of ORAL I.V., Inc. “This partnership with such a highly regarded and focused company as GovX Inc. will allow us greater access to providing ORAL I.V. to this key audience, one that understands the benefits of ORAL I.V. and how important hydration is to optimal health and on-the-job performance.”

In addition to ORAL I.V., GovX has partnered with more than 400 top brands such as Camelback, Oakley, Nixon, The North Face, Under Armour, and Burton. GovX’s ecommerce platform integrates with ORAL I.V.’s so GovX.com shoppers purchase directly from the GovX’s manufacturer-partners, while GovX manages the entire transaction, from online ordering and order-status to customer service. GovX ensures a seamless transaction for its members, while protecting ORAL I.V.’s existing retail sales channels. GovX’s verification process ensures that buyers are qualified to receive the exclusive military and government discounts not otherwise accessible to the general public.

2017 has started as a huge year for ORAL I.V., expanding its online sales via multiple ecommerce giants such as Pharmapacks.com, Walmart.com, GNC.com and now GovX.com. For years, ORAL I.V. has been used not only by elite members of the military, law enforcement and first responders but also professional athletes and Olympians. These audiences, with their rigorous on-the-job standards for physical and mental performance, have truly put the product to the test. Supported by health, nutrition, and fitness gurus such as Ben Greenfield, ORAL I.V. is also quickly gaining traction in the health and wellness market. The company has seen a spike in sales from audiences that are purchasing ORAL I.V. to boost their daily nutrition regime. Hydration is important to overall health, and consumers are demanding healthier hydration products.

ORAL I.V. is an all-natural rapid hydration activator that leverages natural science and does not contain any sugars, caffeine or stimulants, additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients of any kind. It contains 11 crystalloid electrolytes and trace minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, iron, copper, selenium, and zinc mixed with structured water. The powerful formula works together with water to improve the body’s ability to hydrate efficiently and effectively. ORAL I.V. works to keep the everyday person to the top athlete hydrated, and can aid in preventing injury, heat exhaustion and avoiding the harmful effects of dehydration.

Visit the ORAL I.V. store locator to find a retail location near you. Interested individuals can also LIVE LIFE BETTER hydrated by shopping for ORAL I.V. Rapid Hydration Activator online at www.oraliv.com.

About ORAL I.V., Inc.:

ORAL I.V. Inc. launched in 2014 as a hydration company, with its namesake product carving a niche that focused on 100% natural and rapid hydration. Its high portability and effectiveness saw it quickly adopted by military and survivalists, and gained momentum in the sports and athletic market particularly with OCR athletes. ORAL I.V. is a hydration aid that should be taken daily for optimal hydration and health. Top athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and everyday consumers rely on ORAL I.V. to sustain their lifestyles. Now with its product named ORAL I.V. Rapid Hydration Activator, the company is focused on furthering its success in fitness & athletics, with outdoor enthusiasts, and deeper into the health & wellness market. ORAL I.V. is dedicated to spreading the philosophy to LIVE LIFE BETTER HYDRATED, changing the way consumers view hydration and their health.

About GovX, Inc.:

GovX.com, owned and operated by San Diego-based GovX, Inc., is the leading online military and government discount shopping destination for those in the U.S. Armed Forces and government, including active, reserve and retired military personnel, and those in police, fire, FBI, DEA, Border Patrol and related government agencies. Through GovX.com, qualified members have unique access to purchase premium off-duty lifestyle products and on-duty tactical gear directly from manufacturers at prices substantially below retail. GovX.com is a controlled-access ecommerce site, ensuring that military and government discount pricing is accessible only to the very deserving group of qualified members, not to the general public. The products offered on GovX.com are not closeouts or discontinued items, but everyday premium brands. For more information, visit http://www.govx.com.