Do you need hydration when it is cold outside?

Burrr it's cold outside.  Do you need hydration when it is cold outside?  We sure think you do!

Most of the time people think about hydration when it is hot outside.  

But during the late fall and winter months it is pretty cold outside.

So what happens?  People forget to drink water and stay hydrated.

The body's need for hydration doesn't stop when it get cold.  

What tends to happen is the body's desire for thirst gets a little less acute.  

So people forget to consume water as often and that can lead to dehydration.

Exertion in the cold air....

When you are under exertion you breathe in and exhale a lot more air.

During the colder months that actually goes up exponentially.

Breathing dry, low humidity air robs the body of moisture through respiration...even when you are not exercising or under exertion.

Check out this video from our creator, Dr. Anthony Beck, on why it is important to remember your hydration.

 Dr Beck ORAL IV

Optimal health begins with proper hydration.  

Drinking water alone is not always the answer.

How that water functions in your body is critical to your hydration process.

Take ORAL I.V. daily to help battle dehydration and maintain a healthy hydrated state.

Only a few more weeks of this cold (we hope).

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Stay Hydrated