Oral I.V. and the Spartan Super

ORAL IV Hydration shots at the spartan super

The first Spartan Race of the year is happening this weekend in Temecula, California. Athletes running the Super Race will negotiate various obstacles over 8-10 miles. For this grueling race and distance, we recommend preparing with a 25-pack of Oral I.V. Why? Well, because your hydration preparation for a race like the one in Temecula this weekend should begin 4-5 days in advance. Before we talk about how to prepare, though, let’s briefly review how Oral I.V. impacts your body.

Oral I.V. is a hydration aid product that enhances your body’s ability to process water. It is a formulation of highly charged structured water and crystalloid electrolytes. It is NOT a fluid replacement product. In essence, Oral I.V. enhances your body’s hydration process which improves your efficiency and uptake of water. For racers, this means you’ll be more efficient and utilize the body’s water more effectively which in turn improves performance.  

Now, how should you integrate Oral I.V. into your preparation for the Spartan Super? We recommend taking one 13.8 mL vial of Oral I.V. every morning and every night 4-5 days before the race. You should also be drinking water throughout the day, maintaining a healthy diet, and getting plenty of rest during this period. On the morning of your race, you should have another vial with your typical morning routine. Pro Spartan racer and Oral I.V. team member, April Dee, states, “About 20 minutes before I race, I always have two more Oral I.V. vials with 8-12 oz. of water”. So far, you’ve had 11-13 vials of your 25-pack. Elite athletes will probably only need one during the Spartan Super, while “weekend warriors” may need 1-2 depending on their physical condition and how long they take to complete the course. If you experience any cramps, dry mouth, or the urge for thirst, we recommend immediately having a vial.

Competitors should also have one vial with water post-race to recharge the body’s hydration process to aid recovery.  When racing a high level exertion course like the Spartan Super we advise continuing to use Oral I.V. several hours after races with water as you recover. “I recommend having another Oral I.V. vial before going to bed the night of race day and even 1-2 the following day” says Jackie Landmark, Spartan Race Winner. This will ensure you optimize your body’s hydration process as your muscles start to recover. Depending on your experience as a Spartan Racer, we recommend 14-19 vials for sufficient hydration before, during, and after the Super. Your hydration results may vary if you use other hydration aids in your race routine.  Always drink water and eat a healthy meal (after your free beer) following a race.

Good luck to all the athletes racing this weekend and remember to have stay hydrated and most of all….have fun!