ORAL I.V. Remains Trusted Hydration Resource For UFC Fighters & Peak Performance Athletes

Los Gatos, CA – On the heels of the latest announcement from the UFC Anti-Doping Program banning the use of IV infusions by UFC athletes beginning Oct. 1, ORAL I.V. is looking to expand its reach further within the UFC community as a trusted alternate resource for rehydration and training.

ORAL I.V. was developed to help strengthen the body’s absorption of water through the introduction of a proprietary blend of trace minerals. Those trace minerals support an athlete’s cellular response and the hydration process of individuals who are looking to train and perform at their best. Unlike sports and energy drinks, ORAL I.V. is an all-natural product that does not contain any sugar, caffeine or other stimulants. Lightweight and portable, its intended use as a hydration aid means it should be consumed with other fluids prior to, during and following all high-exertion activities.

Since hitting the market five years ago, ORAL I.V. has been a performance go-to for a wealth of first-class UFC fighters to cut weight and rehydrate after weighing in. From Bantamweight UFC competitor Anthony Birchak to Michael Bisping, Paul Buentello, Jamie Varner and Andre Arlovski, ORAL I.V. has helped fighters avoid the fatigue and illness that dehydration and other weight-cutting efforts can cause. Before becoming a staple in the fighting world, it was tried and tested by the likes of U.S. military members and law-enforcement officials.

“ORAL I.V. has been proud to be an essential part of the training routines of elite athletes from across the sports world with resounding results,” said ORAL I.V. CEO Bob Jones. “We understand the importance that hydration plays in the lives of MMA athletes during training, as well as in managing their weight, and are happy to be their alternative to IVs.”

"ORAL I.V. has been a necessity in my camp,” continued Birchak, “and will continue to be, especially after weigh-ins, due to the latest ban on the use of IVs. ORAL I.V. is all-natural, which I love, and has worked wonders for my training."

For more information or to purchase ORAL I.V., logon to http://www.oraliv.com.

About ORAL I.V., Inc.
A worldwide partner of Hydration Solutions, Inc., ORAL I.V., Inc. is the leading distributor of all products utilizing the ORAL I.V. formulation. Guided by an experienced group of beverage industry veterans, ORAL I.V. has maintained consistent growth since 2013. For more information, visit http://www.oraliv.com.

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