Bone Frog Challenge Race Recap

The New England Bone Frog Challenge was my one year anniversary in this amazing sport of OCR and it couldn't have been a better race! Since this was a 9+ mile, 6000 foot elevation change and 50+ obstacle race I started taking Oral I.V. three days leading up to the race and I take two the day before the race. I woke up Saturday morning feeling refreshed and ready to battle, I added an Oral I.V. to my pre-race water, ate my oatmeal and was on my way to the race. As all the athletes who came to conquer the Bone Frog lined up at the start line, I knew it was going to be an epic race. I was told it was longer, harder and it was a mandatory obstacle completion this year; which only made me more excited to see how I would do. In the first couple miles we had a tire pull, heavy sand bag carry, log carry, monkey bars, raft hopping across a pond, rope traverse, traverse wall and then came the doozy where a lot of athletes got hung up. It was called “get a grip” it was a type of ring swing except it was plastic PVC on a rope so the PVC rotated making it hard to keep your grip and swing at the same time. Luckily I was able to conquer this obstacle on my first try which put me into first place and I was able to keep the top spot throughout the length of the race. There was a steep hill climb around mile 5 that took a toll on my legs but luckily I had an Oral I.V. that kept me from cramping. The Bone Frog had several heavy carries, rope climbs, monkey bars, tarzan swing, and lots more. The most memorable was the 31 burpee to shoulder press with a 35# wreck bag while yelling out the name of a different fallen Navy Seal; it was sobering and a great tribute to those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. After that obstacle it was a lot of trail running and many more obstacles back down to the finish where there was a gauntlet of obstacles. It was great finishing an outstanding race in front of a great crowd, lots of excitement and encouragement from many! Jackie Landmark, Team ORAL I.V.