Workout of the Week – Test Yourself

Be better today than you were yesterday. Sometimes we don’t know where to start. Especially if we are just now getting back into the swing of things. Here at Oral IV HQ we talk to people all the time who are using our product to help them get back into shape. Proper hydration helps the body with feeling more energized and alert. Knowing what you are capable of helps to add motivation and a starting point to that new energy level. So along with proper hydration and Oral IV, this week it’s a good idea to find out your baseline. My personal favorite way to determine your baseline fitness is the Army PT Test. You can plug in results using their calculator HERE. Use the result to find out what you might need to work on (low sit-up scores are a good indicator that you might want to work on core strength).   5 Minutes of dynamic warm up   PT Test 2 Mile Run rest 2 Minutes Max Push-ups 1 Minute Rest 2 Minutes Max Sit-ups 1 Minute Rest 2 Minutes Max Pull-ups     This routine should be done once this week. If you aren’t competing in a race or other competition tag a couple friends at #oralivnation to compete via social media together. This routine should be an all out sprint but the weight of the kettlebell should be tough. Don’t forget to spend at least 10 – 15 minutes after each training session mobilizing with dynamic stretching and trigger point work or foam rolling.   Try to end your day with some meditation and breathing practices. This will help you to calm your body and help control your breathing in the future during training and competition.   Don’t forget to post your results and tag #oralivnation. If you use Instagram share a picture of yourself training and using Oral IV in your week.