Workout of the Week - Constantly Varied

Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than you used to be. One of the biggest lessons I have ever learned in fitness is that too much of something isn’t a good thing. Your body adapts to routine in about 6 weeks. So that means without variation there is a lack of growth. While there are a seemingly million different schools of thought regarding how to exercise the best ones talk about making sure to change things up every so often in order to keep your body on it’s toes so to speak. CrossFit teaches people that constantly varied is a key factor to true fitness and I tend to agree. Another important aspect of fitness is hydration. It is important to actually practice the opposite of constantly changing things up as you do in exercise when it comes to hydrating properly. You should develop a hydration practice that not only includes water but things like Oral IV that utilize trace minerals to help maximize and balance out your bodies hydration. Just as too much exercise can be bad for your body so can too much water (check out our post on hyponatremia for more info on that topic). Oral IV can help with that. Use it with your current pre, post and inter training routines to help stay properly hydrated and increase performance.   5 Minutes of dynamic warm up   20min AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) 5 Kettlebell Swings 10 Burpees 15 Box Jumps   This routine should be done once this week. If you aren’t competing in a race or other competition tag a couple friends at #oralivnation to compete via social media together. This routine should be an all out sprint but the weight of the kettlebell should be tough. Don’t forget to spend at least 10 – 15 minutes after each training session mobilizing with dynamic stretching and trigger point work or foam rolling.   Try to end your day with some meditation and breathing practices. This will help you to calm your body and help control your breathing in the future during training and competition.   Don’t forget to post your results and tag #oralivnation. If you use Instagram share a picture of yourself training and using Oral IV in your week.