Workout of the Week - Run & Gun

Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you. Some would argue that the above statement isn’t true. Hell when I was going to CrossFit Southie in Boston the Coaches there seemed to always be pushing you. Truth is though Coaches are there to help you find something more inside while you are there, they don’t do the workout for you. They also can’t be there every second of the training you do outside the box. Lets be completely honest here about it, they probably can only push you as far as you are willing to be pushed when you ARE there anyway. So this week, its about pushing yourself a little bit more. Your goal should be to do the same routine at a faster time than the previous time. Test yourself, and test us. Try your first day without Oral IV, record your time, the next day take Oral IV before you head out, bring one with you for during the workout, and see what your time results are like. We are curious to see how you do on both days so post your results on Facebook for us using #oralivnation.   5 Minutes of dynamic warm up   Run 1 Mile 1 minute max push-ups Run 1 Mile 1 minute max air squats Run 1 Mile 1 minute max sit-ups Run 1 Mile   5 Minutes of cool down   Try to end your day with some meditation and breathing practices. This will help you to calm your body and help control your breathing in the future during training and competition.   Don’t forget to post your results and tag #oralivnation. If you use Instagram share a picture of yourself training and using Oral IV in your week.