Joeys 500 Workout of the Week

Exercise helps us to feel better, look better, and makes simple day to day movements easier. Todays workout is meant to push you if you are an accomplished athlete, and can be scaled down for those individuals who need it. At the onset of any exercise routine it is important to insure that you are hydrating properly, and with longer workouts it is just as important to continue to hydrate through out. Using Oral IV with your water prior to, and during, this routine will help with your performance. Try the workout twice this week and record how you performed each time, as well as how you feel, doing it once with your regular hydration methods and the second adding Oral IV. Once you have done both post your results to the rest of #oralivnation. Joeys 500 workout 20 / 20 / 10 20 sit ups 20 push ups 10 pull ups 10 rounds = 500 reps Feel free to scale the number of rounds that you do. If you don't have pull ups, or struggle with them, do assisted pull ups using a band or a machine at the gym. Also I know not everyone has a pull up bar so you  could change the pull ups to air squats. It is important to insure you have good form during the air squat though. Keep your head up and looking at the horizon and your knees over your toes dropping to slightly below parallel in your squat. 20 / 20 / 20 20 sit ups 20 push ups 20 air squats 5 rounds = 300 reps   Joey Patrolia is an Elite Obstacle Course Racer and Oral IV Pro-Team member. Joey works and trains with Epic Hybrid Training in New York, NY. You can follow Joey on Twitter @