Looking to change your game? #Gamechanger

Athletes push themselves hard. Physically and mentally those that perform in the top tier of any sport spend the months that make up the competitive season punishing their body through rigorous training in order to earn a coveted spot on the podium. Nutrition, hydration, and proper mobilization of muscle and joints are all critical in the quest for glory. These things are not interchangeable and athletes cannot simply decide to opt out of proper nutrition because they hydrate properly and mobilize on a regular basis. Similarly because a person eats well and takes yoga doesn’t mean they should skimp on their hydration methods either. Just like an athlete wouldn’t fuel up at McDonalds because the nutritional value isn’t there for their performance, neither should one simply grab a glass of water and assume it will provide the fuel they need. Understanding how to use products like Oral IV in conjunction with regular hydration methods is something that is critical if an athlete wants to gain a competitive advantage. For those not looking to compete at a high level, but instead are simply looking for a way with which to augment their performance and recovery on a daily basis Oral IV can still play an important role. Sport drinks are popular with athletes and those individuals who are performance minded because of their ability to replace critical electrolytes. There are sports drinks out there that contain high levels of sodium as well in order to aid in preventing dehydration and cramping. Some individuals, like my father who is an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast, simply carry salt tablets or a bag of sea salt covered potato chips with them (the sea salt chips are pretty great after a long day of hiking by the way…if you like that sort of thing that is). Yet there are downsides to sport drinks, and not salt tablets don’t do enough to help performance when you are looking to step up your game. Sure you could down a bottle of something right before you compete in order to get some critical electrolytes into your body prior to taking the field but they can leave you feeling bloated, sluggish, and can even lead to possible over hydration (lets not forget the high levels of sugar that can lead to a crash as well). Oral IV manages to fit right in the sweet spot providing you something unique and revolutionary in the world of hydration. Oral IV is a concentrated formula of crystallized minerals and electrolytes that help to maximize your current hydration methods when used properly. By taking a vial of Oral IV with water prior to exercise your body will utilize water more efficiently. Many athletes that use Oral IV on a daily basis report posting PRs on courses that previously they had been unable to do. April Dee, an Oral IV team member and Reebok Spartan Elite Pro obstacle racer, told us that after using Oral IV she posted her fastest time ever running Pikes Peak in Colorado where she trains. Fellow team member, and long time Oral IV user, Joey Patrolia uses Oral IV during training and on competition days. On longer courses like the Spartan Beast Joey reports significant advantages over other athletes. While others are dealing with cramping and hydration issues on hotter longer courses Joey tells Oral IV that he experiences no such issues. Joey even takes Oral IV with him on the course so as to continue hydrating just to be safe. The small vial of concentrated liquid is easier to carry and unlike gels or chews Oral IV doesn’t sit heavy on the stomach.

Hopefully we all know how hydration aids with flexibility and range of motion. Need proof or are unsure about what we mean? Next time you are watching an individual out on an obstacle course such as at a Spartan race, Tough Mudder, or Atlas Race look at those moving slowly, grimacing in pain as they grab their calves. Failure to hydrate properly leads to cramping. Those individuals, like Joey and April, that not only hydrate but utilize hydration aids such as Oral IV are never seen seizing up on course and suffering as their fellow competitors can fall victim too. So to recap it is important to fuel the body with not only proper nutrition but also those key minerals and electrolytes that help the body to maximize hydration. Taking Oral IV in conjunction with proper training, nutrition, and practices like Yoga and mobilization techniques will greatly aid in increasing performance and avoiding injury during training. To learn more about Oral IV and becoming a #gamechanger click here. Join the #oralivnation today.