Tough all over in Las Vegas, Stay Hydrated

When most of us think of Las Vegas we think of the glitz and glam of the Las Vegas strip. Elvis impersonators, magicians, off broadway shows, and aged pop stars living out the rest of the career entertaining masses out of some themed hotel. Yet those things will be left in the dust November 15th as adventure junkies, obstacle racers, and endurance athletes descend upon this thriving desert oasis. Worlds Toughest Mudder is coming to Vegas for the first time ever and things may never be the same.   Tough Mudder, an event more known for orange headbands and obstacles with catchy names like “Fire in the hole”, is holding its annual competitive championship event. Athletes from all over the world, from all different walks of life, sports, and professions, show up as individuals and as part of teams to vie for the title of Worlds Toughest Mudder. The event is a departure from the “we don’t time our events” mindset normally broadcast from TM headquarters. Instead the clock is running and athletes attempt as many laps as possible on a course that sends participants through the cold and wet in the past (hence pictures of racers in wet suits), across fatiguing obstacles and mental challenges. Known obstacle racing names like Boone and Pak have taken home the WTM title in the past. Yet each year there seems to be a name no one has heard yet that opens up eyes with an incredible performance of endurance and mental fortitude.

 Athletes train all year for this event. Teams come together building strategic battle plans on how to best take advantage of one anothers strengths, and overcome weaknesses. Preparation is critical for this event as unlike others within the obstacle racing industry like Spartan and Warrior Dash, or the new OCRWC, the Worlds Toughest Mudder is a true endurance event lasting for over 24 hours. He who lasts longest and completes the most laps is crowned champion. This event promises glory, punishment, and a testing of limits. Every possible advantage is examined, considered, and developed in order to put forth an athletes best performance and cover the most laps. Hydration is beyond important in an event such as this. Regular hydration habits aren’t going to get these athletes through multiple laps however, and over hydration can cause serious problems as well. Sport drinks contain high sugar levels that can lead to crashes at critical times for athletes. Pre-workouts are prone to similar crash problems. Where Oral IV helps is providing crystallized electrolytes that, when used properly in conjunction with normal hydration processes, help to maximize hydration efforts and avoid both dehydration and over hydration. Oral IV acts quickly as well. At a recent Spartan race individuals who were cramping and on the verge of giving up were given Oral IV by some medical personnel who reported that these individuals reported significant relief in as little as 15 minutes. All individuals given Oral IV were back up on their feet and able to finish the race compared to those who were not and had to be pulled from the course. While these are a few examples of people utilizing Oral IV in dire situations, Oral IV also helps athletes increase performance levels thanks to improving their hydration and taking it to the next level. Our athletes report posting personal records to a number of courses and events thanks to utilizing the product in conjunction with their established hydration routines. The desert can be an unforgiving place. Temps can range from hot and dry to freezing within 12 hours. If you are headed to Las Vegas for the Worlds Toughest Mudder don’t forget to grab some Oral IV. Your body is the most important machine you drive and Oral IV is the premium fuel additive your water needs to help you power through. Not to mention it might be handy the morning after any wild celebrating that is done on the strip afterwards. Good luck mudders. #Oralivnation is rooting for you all to have a successful, and safe, weekend. To learn more about Oral IV click here