ORAL IV Announces Pro-Team Member April Dee

Reebok Spartan Race produces some of the fittest athletes on the planet. With individuals from all walks of life, showing up to tackle the varied race lengths of the worlds leading obstacle race series, the competitive field is massive. In the women’s Elite field you have an amazing group of women competing each weekend for the title of Champion. ORAL IV is proud to announce the signing of Reebok Spartan Race 2014 Points Champion, April Dee, to the ORAL IV Pro-Team. April comes to ORAL IV from Peyton, CO. A former armed services member, mother of two, and fitness trainer April is a busy lady. Her training regimen begins early in the morning with a focused series of exercise movements aimed specifically at becoming the top woman in the sport. Her goal for 2014 was to take the top spot within the Reebok Spartan Race points series, something that she accomplished with ease capping her stellar season with a strong 3rd place podium spot at the recent World Championship in Killington, VT. April talks about the difference proper hydration and using ORAL IV has made in her performance. “I train on mountains to help prepare for the climbs in places like Killington. With mountains in Colorado it’s important to train properly and take care of my body. I heard about ORAL IV from other racers and decided to add it into my hydration plan before a run up Pike’s Peak one day. It was amazing, after weeks of staying pretty stagnant I PR’d that mountain with the help of ORAL IV. I became an instant believer and am happy to be part of the team and an organization that cares so much for people’s well being.”

ORAL IV Pro-Team members are excited to have April as part of the team, representing on the course, and off. “April is a competitor. You can see it every time she steps up to the line she expects to win, and she does. She’s a fighter for sure and we are fortunate to have someone of her caliber on the team,” says Pro-Team member and Elite Racer Sarah Pozdol. Bob Jones, President of ORAL IV, added his excitement as well. “April dominates on a regular basis. She is the ideal ORAL IV athlete, driven to perform at the highest level and committed to being the best. These are attributes we look for and April is a roll model for moms and women all over the world looking to overcome obstacles.” ORAL IV is proud of its team members and all the athletes out there that are using the product to help them become #gamechangers. Find out how you can use ORAL IV to help you improve and become part of the #oralivnation. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for promotions, training tips, and news from the fitness world.