Oral IV Pro-Team to Represent at Spartan World Championship

Oral IV, the leading hydration aid company, is headed to the Reebok Spartan Race World Championship in Killington VT. Pro-Team members Hunter McIntyre, Isaiah Vidal, April Dee, Joey Patrolia, Orla Walsh and others will pit their athletic skill and prowess against the best in the world. The Beast, a 12+mile/25+ obstacle filled course will take athletes to the very edge of their endurance and beyond. It will demand the most from them mentally and physically of any event yet this race season. Oral IV athletes have been preparing with weeks of rigorous training, proper nutrition, and the proper use of Oral IV. With the course in Killington expected to put a serious strain on athletes, those gearing up for the race are using Oral IV to insure their hydration is at peak performance. Utilizing the revolutionary product to help enhance their current hydration plan, during training and on the course, could be the difference between third and first place. “Spartan Race has made a big impact on my life, without it I wouldn’t have a reason to be motivated to be successful,” says Pro-Team member and Reebok Spartan Pro Isaiah Vidal. “I have been on a strict training regimen program called ‘The Process’ and it has put a major toll on my body. Adding Oral IV into my daily workout regimen has mentally & physically helped my mind by keeping my body hydrated during training.” “Oral IV has greatly improved my hydration during workouts ! I love Oral IV!” – Orla Walsh, Pro-Team Member and Sponsored Spartan Athlete Pro-Team members like Chris McCorkle, who has long been a staple on the Spartan Race pro circuit, recognize the importance of proper hydration before, and during, training as well as events. Chris, a long time believer in Oral IV puts it simply, “If you’re not using Oral IV at the World Championships you’re just wrong.” Unlike other supplements Oral IV is used with your current hydration methods to help enhance your bodies uptake of water. By using Oral IV 30 minutes before your race or training with water, during your longer training or high intensity races, and after, athletes like Joey Patrolia have seen great success in beating out the competition. “ORAL IV is my secret weapon for staying hydrated and strong throughout the Spartan World Championship in Vermont.” – Joey Patrolia Other athletes like Elite women’s racer and Oral IV Pro-Team member Sarah Pozdol can’t stress enough how important it is in their gameplan for racing. “ORAL IV has been, and will be my choice for hydration in the Spartan World Championship. I don't race without it.” – Sarah Pozdol Current Reebok Spartan Race points leader, and new Oral IV Pro-Team member April Dee, from Peyton, CO, is excited at the results Oral IV has given her in a short amount of time. So much so that as she readies herself to tackle the Vermont Beast she believes Oral IV will give her the boost that puts her on top of the podium. “Taking Oral IV with my current program as instructed, not only increased my performance but recently led me to a new PR on the mountain! I couldn’t believe it and I’m excited to use it to win the World Championship in Vermont!” – April Dee Oral IV is a revolutionary #gamechanger, a recommended “Must Have” according to Spartan Race magazine, and a chance to help you take your performance to the next level. Don’t miss out on using the secrete weapon of the pro’s at this years Reebok Spartan Race World Championship. #waterswingman #oralivnation