Oral IV Pro-Team Crushes Wintergreen Reebok Spartan race

Team Oral IV has strong showing at treacherous Wintergreen Reebok Spartan Race   August 24, 2014 Wintergreen VA

Hunter McIntyre Oral IV Pro-Team

Reebok Spartan Race season has begun to ramp up as the World Championship looms on the horizon. Courses are getting longer, and harder. Racers are stepping up their training to prepare for the Killington VT Beast course that is known to break athletes in top condition. Proper training, nutrition, and hydration supplementation become even more important. This weekend athletes attacked what is oft considered the ultimate test before the Worlds, Wintergreen VA. With brutal climbs, rough terrain, and obstacles created by master course designer Norm Koch, the Wintergreen VA race put Reebok Spartan athletes to the test. Through fog, rain, and mud men and women fought to claim their spot atop the podium. Oral IV was well represented as teammates TyAnn Clark took 3rd for the women, and new Oral IV Pro-Team member Hunter McIntyre claimed 2nd for the men. As athletes descended from all over the country to test their mettle against one of the toughest courses in the country, Reebok Pro-Team athletes waited for the starting gate to open and launch them into the foggy Virginia morning. With a resounding “AROO” they attacked the hills as though starting a revolution of their own. The historic landscape of the state often thought to be flat and fast, is turned into a battlefield worthy of the history books should they be written today. Only those who have prepared, taken care of their bodies properly, and mentally steadied themselves against whatever the course would throw at them would find victory on this day.

Racers needed every ounce of strength they had against this course. Even in foggy and rainy conditions athletes would sweat and find themselves susceptible to cramps brought on by extreme exercise and inadequate hydration. Adding Oral IV hydration supplementation to normal hydration methods can greatly reduce the risk of dehydration and cramping, even in the harshest conditions and the most extreme physical contests. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself today and see why top athletes from one of the most demanding sports in the world, obstacle racing, are turning to Oral IV hydration supplementation to aid them in their quest for glory. Click here to order yours today and find out what it means to be a #gamechanger.