Oral IV a "Must Have" for Reebok Spartan World Championship

Oral IV a “must have” for Reebok Spartan Race World Championship  

 Reebok Spartan Race’s annual World Championship held in Killington VT is aptly named, “the Beast”. Held on one of the premier ski resorts for the area it is 12+miles long and known for its harsh climbs and brutal obstacles. Recently, Spartan Magazine released it’s “Must Have” gear list for the event and Oral IV is proud to have made the list. [caption id="attachment_951" align="alignright" width="150"]

 Oral IV Pro-Team members Joey Patrolia & Chris McCorkle[/caption] Already in use by a number of high caliber Elite athletes, Oral IV hydration supplementation is a natural fit for the endurance based event this September. Athletes like Isaiah Vidal, Orla Walsh, Sarah Pozdol, TyAnn Clark, and Joey Patrolia, members of the Oral IV Pro-Team, are already utilizing Oral IV.  These top athletes use Oral IV for water uptake, efficiency and hydration.  These benefits, they state, are key to their performance for training and events. To celebrate, Oral IV has lowered its prices for a brief time to help make it even more accessible for athletes looking for ways to improve their hydration.   So don’t miss out on the sale going on now at www.oraliv.com. Click here to read the full list of gear in the Spartan World Championship edition of the magazine.