Chris McCorkle Team Oral IV OCR Athlete

Chris McCorkle has steadily climbed the ranks of the Obstacle Course Racing world while carrying the Oral IV Team Flag with him. The Florida native and father of 2 began competing in OCR’s since April of 2012. Now, nearly 40 years young, Chris has reached the upper echelons in the OCR world by ranking within the top 20 for the famed Spartan Race. While this would be viewed as a milestone for most, Chris sees this as motivation to continue to reach his peak performance. Although Chris is quite open about his disdain for running, he trains constantly to increase his leg strength and fine tune his running form to become faster. “I don’t like running, but running only gets me to the next obstacle faster!”  This attitude and mindset make Chris such an amazing competitor and great brand ambassador. Chris relies on Oral IV to ensure proper hydration and speed up recovery time between his rigorous training schedule. He also uses the product to enhance his concentration and focus, which will always help any athlete compete at his best. We are glad to have Chris on board as a representative of the Oral IV OCR team.