Sarah Pozdol joins Team ORAL IV

Oral IV Obstacle Course Racing team member Sarah Pozdol is a special breed of competitor. As the owner of Triptych Fitness, a Spartan Elite Racer, Spartan Group X Coach, NASM certified personal trainer and mother of two, Sarah looks to redefine what fitness means. Sarah’s outlook is that “Fitness is not just looking the way you want on the outside, it is about taking care of yourself on the inside, holding yourself accountable, building mental toughness and most importantly, learning how to incorporate these key factors into your everyday life.” To Sarah, fitness peak performance goes well beyond the traditional definition. Once introduced to obstacle course racing, Sarah was instantly hooked. As a self-proclaimed tomboy, Spartan Race gave her the chance to be a kid again. After finding much success through many Spartan Races, Sarah has taken on the role of coach as well as competitor when it comes to the races. Sarah can now be found, when she isn’t competing, helping participants and provides tips in the Spartan recovery and warm up areas for many of the national competitions. Oral IV is extremely happy to have Sarah on the team and looks forward to assisting her achieve her fitness goals and provide her with a dehydration solution to consistently come in first!