ORAL I.V. partners with top sports marketing firm VFD Marketing

Miami Beach, FL – May 27th, 2014 - ORAL I.V. a top sports hydration aid, today has announced its strategic partnership with versatile sports marketing firm VFD Marketing (VFD). The partnership provides for VFD to not only be the exclusive agency handling all of ORAL I.V.’s sports marketing, but VFD will be assisting in the further development of the brand image and exposure through a multitude of different online services and programs. John Fosco, Co-Founder of VFD, had this to say about the partnership, “I am extremely excited at the opportunity to work with a company like Oral I.V. They have created a product from which anyone who needs to perform consistently at a high level, whether physically or mentally, can benefit. We look forward to introducing ORAL I.V. to wider range of individuals looking to stay at the top of their game.” Bob Jones, President of ORAL I.V., added "It is our goal to partner with the best of breed companies to bring this revolutionary hydration aid to the broad market.  VFD has extensive experience in positioning brands in the sports marketing industry and setting them up for success.  We look forward to the relationship and building ORAL I.V.'s presence in the market." About ORAL I.V. – After its development, ORAL I.V. was first made available to those who could truly put it to the test – members of the U.S. military and law enforcement communities. Since 2010, ORAL I.V. has been used by some of the world’s most elite fighting forces, whose standards for physical and mental performance are second to none. With our broad market release, the power of ORAL I.V. is now available to anyone who wants to perform optimally in life – whether on the field, at work or at play. Hydration is one of the fundamental drivers of human performance. Without proper water metabolism and function, dehydration and its associated adverse side effects can occur. ORAL I.V. aids the hydration process for individuals who train hard, work hard and are more committed to peak performance. About VFD Marketing -- Whether you are looking to build a company from the ground up or take your existing brand to the next level, VFD Marketing is a full-service marketing company that will guide you along the way.  Founded by John Fosco & Elie Deshe, VFD Marketing works with companies of all sizes and all industries, using best-in-class marketing, sponsorship, media, and event planning techniques to make sure that your brand will shine. VFD covers the world of sports, music, media, and modeling to bring a 360-degree approach to marketing, all focused on our trusted clients and partners.