Team Oral IV Athletes Joey and Dennis Spartan Up at Fox Studios in NYC

Spartan Athletes Joey Patrolia and Dennis Smith featured at Fox Studios

Joey Patrolia and Dennis Smith, two Oral I.V.-sponsored athletes, were invited to FOX studios in New York City as part of Spartan Race’s two-day event. Spartan Race is the ultimate test of skill and determination for those wishing to get off their couch in quest for a new challenge. Spartan Race is highly demanding to the participating athletes as it’s a lengthy physical exertion that requires the body to perform in the most grueling conditions. That’s exactly when Oral I.V.’s hydration pack comes in place, providing the Spartan Race participants what they need to fight dehydration. Oral I.V. is not only about preventing dehydration and rejuvenating the body with the best hydration pack available on the market, it’s also about boosting focus, supplementing physical abilities and reaching peak performance, which is highly important when competing at any type of obstacle course racing. Frequent Spartan Race competitors Joey Patrolia and Dennis Smith are obstacle racing elites and great brand ambassadors for Oral I.V. Competitive obstacle racing is a hard and demanding sport, while Oral I.V. is ready to provide the very best hydration and recovery kit bar none. About ORAL I.V. ORAL I.V. assists the hydration process for individuals who train hard, work hard and are committed to peak performance. Based on a proprietary formula of crystalloid electrolytes and trace minerals, ORAL I.V. is intended to support an individual’s existing hydration strategy prior to and during activities of exertion. ORAL I.V. does not contain any sugars, stimulants or artificial ingredients of any kind. For more information, please visit