An Awesome Oral IV Experience

Probably one of the coolest parts of working on ORAL IV is getting testimonials and life experiences from our customers. This came in today: — For those who still doubt the effectiveness of Oral IV, thinking it is a placebo effect, I was able to observe it’s effectiveness from a completely objective point of view after finishing today’s Music City Half Marathon in Nashville, TN. I challenged myself to complete 2 Half Marathons within 24 hours this past weekend. As a precaution against dehydration, I made sure to carry an ampule of Oral IV with me during the second race, though I did not use it. As I was observing other finishers (after successfully finishing my second Half Marathon of my Dual Race weekend) one participant collapsed 5 feet after finishing. Screaming and crying out in agony, her leg muscles had gone into full, incapacitating cramps. They were so extreme, I was able to see her muscle strands twitching. I ran to the barricade, made a quick survey of the situation, and determined her muscle spasms were most likely the result of dehydration. I quickly got her attention and gave her, via the race staff and participants who rushed to her aid, the ampule of Oral IV I had been carrying, instructing her to drink it and then chase it with a full 16 oz bottle of water. Keep in mind, I did not personally know this individual other than she was a fellow Music City Half Marathon participant. She was in so much pain, that she willingly and quickly followed my instructions without any questions…she didn’t even know what I was giving her! In less than a minute, she was able to stand up (assisted) and walk, as her cramps started to subside almost immediately. 5 Minutes later, she was walking around the finish area unassisted, not requiring any additional staff medical attention. Later, I saw her in the race parking lot. She stopped me to say “Thanks” and then asked me what I gave her. I informed her of the product, its effects, and where to purchase it. I had previously used Oral IV, during my last Marathon race, and can subjectively attest to it’s benefits. Now, I was able to observe the product in action from a completely objective “blind” reality application. There is now absolutely no doubt in my mind…ORAL IV WORKS! -Nestor Jay Ilagan