A review from the South

Here in this little town in New Mexico, it is easy to become dehydrated. So easy, that almost every night I complain to the husband about feeling sick, having a headache, and just being off kilter’ even after having the eight cups of water. He will reply for me to sit and sip my eight ounces of water and eat a saltine, and life will go back to normal. Well, I am tired of this feeling so I have been looking into things to aid with my hydration. I know just drink your ten glasses of water a day and you will be fine, but it’s not that easy when I am a full time student, stay at home mom, and a constant listening ear for my friends (not complaining about any of these duties!). So, I have tried out a couple of the hydration tablets or powders that you add into your eight ounces of water and boom you should be hydrated. Nice, but then I look at all the sugars and added things to them and decide these are not for me. I did some research and came across Oral IV. I read over the ingredient information and first thing I see is a blurb that says, “no sugars, caffeine, or stimulants.”  Also they never claim to hydrate you by themselves, they tell you to add this to your normal hydration efforts, meaning continue to try to drink you eight glasses of water a day with this and it will help the hydration process along. I received my sample to try at 2:30 pm on a Thursday and I was already feeling my dehydration effects, so why not pop the top and get this ball rolling. Within 15 minutes of taking one tube with a glass of water, I was no longer feeling sick and my headache was starting to go away. Now, I started to tell myself this is mental, so I needed to do this with a workout. I read the directions on the pack and went to the site to see if I could find any suggestions. I found that I should take a tube before my workout, can take one in the middle if feel needed, and take one after (again, these are suggestions and not what you have to do for this to work). So I pop the top before the work out and wait about 15 minutes and start an episode of Insanity (I usually feel completely sick towards the end of one of these workouts, I think due to dehydration.) I hit the halfway mark and feel pretty good, so I continue to sip my water and press on. I hit the cool down mark and I still feel pretty good?? This is not normal. So I sipped my water for about a half hour after and still felt pretty good. I only took one tube and did not feel like I was gonna get sick after doing Insanity; I am sold on Oral IV. Not to mention I had a neighbor stop by yesterday and she had been on a hike and a bad storm started, so she had to run (she is not a runner at all). She had not had any water while out on the hike or after the run and felt like she was going to be so sick. I asked her if she would try something for me and let me know how she felt after taking it. So we popped the top and gave her eight ounces of water and we sat and tried to take her mind off feeling so horrible. At the 15 minute mark I asked how she was feeling. She was shocked that she was feeling hungry and not at all sick any longer. She is sold on Oral IV as well!